My name is Whitney Shafer. I am the wife of a pastor, the mom of a teenage girl, a Biblical Counselor, a chronically anxious soul and a lover of written words. I believe that we are shaped by every circumstance both good and awful that we encounter in life and sometimes, some of our greatest gifts are born out of our most unsavory circumstances. We are all made up of so much more than we like to talk about but using, with wisdom, the paths that have made us who we are allows beauty to be born from ashes. If I could choose one motto in life I would say that in a world where we can be just about anything, let’s be real! 

I have had the distinct pleasure of calling many places around the globe, home. My current home is where the wind continually comes sweeping down the plain. That lyric is no joke! Tulsa, Oklahoma is a windy place to be sure. Green country is, despite what some might tell you, a beautiful place to call home. It’s filled with wonderful, kind, and cantankerous people that we get to do life with every day.

If you find yourself following this blog I can assure you that it will be filled with triumphs, failures, tears, and laughter but above all, it will be real. I’ve heard it said that one should never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Maybe I’m just an oddity consumed by the circus around me but every day truth and a good story go hand in hand. So come hang out with me! It would be my honor to have you and I’m pretty sure there will never be a dull moment!